Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.. we just came back from Brawlhalla Final Round 2019 hosted in the beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, USA… and what an explosive tournament it was! The boys flew in on Friday afternoon and headed straight off to compete in the duos portion of the tournament where Sandstorm quickly found success with the bracket, sealing himself and his teammate (Boomie), a place in Sunday’s top 8. Asuri Main, wrenchd, had some tough matchups and found himself knocked out earlier than he had planned. As the day flew by, the teams finished up their rounds, and headed back to the hotel to prepare for an intense Saturday and the start of Final Round’s 1v1 showdown.


Saturday began early for most of us as the singles matches went live at 10am Eastern Time (All of you west coasters may have missed the first few matches). Sandstorm and wrenchd found success in the early rounds, quickly moving into the next set of brackets.  It was here that wrenchd found himself against a red hot STTP Wilson in the winner’s bracket, only to fall and meet up with Simba in loser’s. wrenchd played hard but was ultimately affected by some costly mistakes and quickly fell out of the tournament altogether.  A very difficult spot to exit Final Round after his crushing performances at his last several LAN events, but we are confident in our boy’s ability to come back strong in May. Former World Champion, Sandstorm, was coming off great success in his 2v2 play from the prior day and didn’t let up.  He quickly smashed his way into the top 8,continuing his beastly performance from Dreamhack Atlanta.


Early the next morning as game play advanced, we had our eyes on two players, Sandstorm and his teammate Boomie.  The world class free agent was fighting for his life in the losers’ bracket while Sandstorm didn’t lose a round in either of his matches sending him to the Grand Final.  Boomie on the other hand played over 19 games just to meet Sandstorm in the grand finals, and he wasn’t done yet. After the dust settled, the duo shook hands as Sandstorm lead the set, 3-2.  Great game play from both sides, and then after all that, they took to the 2v2 finals as well crowning Sandstorm as the Grand Champion for singles and Doubles!


Congrats from everyone at Wildcard as former World Champion, Stephen ‘Sandstorm’ Myers took the podium with back-to-back Singles and Doubles 1st place finishes! Great work to both our players and thank you to our fans for all of the support.


Make sure to catch us at the next tournament and stay up to date with everything Brawlhalla and Wildcard Gaming by following Sandstorm, wrenchd, and Wildcard Gaming. #WCWIN


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