Back in May Wildcard was happy to announce our partnership with Seasonic Electronics, a leading brand in computer power supplies who are quickly making their presence known in the realm of PC gaming. Wildcard has partnered up with the Innovative power house to help further establish them in the world of Esports and the PC gaming community. They’ve been hard at work designing the next best power supply and we can’t wait to tell you about it.

One of our all-star influencers, Avori, has been using the Seasonic FOCUS Gold in her rig and she’s pumped to have it, saying “As a streamer it’s so important to me to have the BEST computer so that my stream quality is top notch. I’m so glad I found Seasonic when I did because the power supply is the most important part of my system. Great company, great people, great products!”.

The Seasonic FOCUS Gold series has been one of the companies best selling power supplies of all time and the product’s 2,300+ five star reviews across Newegg and Amazon. It’s the perfect power supply for the everyday gamer with high tech and cutting edge features like Fluid Dynamic Fan Bearing (FDB), extended hold-up time, and a cable-free connection design. Much like all of Seasonic’s other products the FOCUS Gold hails to the company’s commitment to quality. It is immaculately built, extremely reliable and there’s even a 10 year warranty to back it! It’s one of the best power supplies on the market and it truly has that bang for your buck factor. 

Interested in making the FOCUS Gold the heart of your next gaming PC? Receive 10% off your purchase when you use our link!

Seasonic has been a leading name in the industry, always providing high quality and performance pc supplies since 1981. They’ve been a leader in innovation, bringing the latest technology with the most exceptional value to their customers who require cutting edge features, performance, and reliability. With a world class design and engineering team who are passionate about listening to their customers and creating solutions it’s easy to see why Seasonic is on the top of the power supply game.

As always, Wildcard is excited to work and associate with such a reputable and high quality company. They’ve provided our influencers with countless power supplies to help them achieve their gaming and streaming goals and we couldn’t be happier to support them in return. 



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