Well, this weekend went a little… Unexpected. If you keep up with the professional Brawlhalla scene you may have watched the Online tournament that happened this Saturday and Sunday, the Super Summer Slayem. We had high hopes, as we usually do for Brawlhalla, and it’s safe to say things didn’t go as planned. There was a mix of things that happened that we can explain, however there are some things that we can only make our assumptions about.

Let’s start off with wrenchd. We saw some great Asuri play, which I personally was a bit worried about considering Katars were reverted and he was previously heard saying that things definitely felt different in one of his latest YouTube videos. While he had a couple solid games the Asuri main ended up being knocked out rather early in 9th place on Saturday to what Twitch chat and one of the commentators will jokingly blame as being “jinxed by taunting.” However, the truth lies behind a service used to keep ping low that seemed to be acting up that morning, resulting in major lag. No one likes lag and, well, he had some bad luck and timing. You’ll get ‘em next time, wrenchd!

On the other hand, we surprisingly saw some off color play from our world champ, Sandstorm. It was apparent almost immediately that he just seemed to be off his game. His first loss to noeL came as a surprise, knocking him into the lower bracket where he faced off Against Simba. The games were close, lasting a full 5 rounds but eventually losing for whatever reason and placing in 5th. He did a lot of jumping from character character, watching him play some Petra, Lin Fei, and of course Mordex. However, he just couldn’t seem to pull it together. We can assume it was a number of things- From the latest patch to being a bit too relaxed from a total of 3 weeks from the scene. Whatever it was, we’re sure he’ll be back and ready to take over once more for Shine 2019.

Speaking of Shine 2019, this is one I’m definitely excited about as it’s in my home state of Massachusetts. You’ll be able to watch the tournament live August 23rd – 25th right here https://wildcard.gg/brawlhalla/. Until then, there’s always our influencers to keep you some company https://wildcard.gg/influencers/. Head on over, check them out, and show them some love! They dish out tons of quality content on the daily and are good for some laughs.


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