Dana “Danucd” Dima joined Wildcard Gaming this January and has been a massive pick up for the organization this year. Danucd is commonly known as the Queen of PUBG or as some refer to her as, “The Female-Shroud”. The Professional Streamer has been streaming since April 30th, 2018 (Only 9 months!) and is already the fastest growing streamer on Twitch, captivating the eyes of gamers around the world. Wildcard Gaming Management is proud to unveil our new growth initiative for Content Creators under the Wildcard Banner, starting with Dima. Hailing as a world-class ‘terrifying fragger’ from Latvia and darling of the PUBG community, we are very pleased to begin our streamer spotlight growth initiative with Dana. “The great thing about Dana is that she is a team player. She is by far one of the most professional individuals I have had the pleasure of working with in the space so far.” Says William Lucas, Stream Team Manager and Partnerships Director for Wildcard Gaming. “It’s easy to see why people love her, she takes quality content creation and ‘class’ to an entirely new level and I’m deeply excited to be working with Dana towards new heights and milestones for organization and streamer alike this year.”

Our own William “Musashi” Lucas has Danucd and her Manager, Johnny, here for a quick Q and A, about the life as a streamer, her recent 100,000 follower achievement, and what’s next for the ‘Danucd Army’.


Musashi: So, what are your short term goals?

Danucd: “I would say improve on a daily basis as a person, and in PUBG. These are never ending goals for me to become a better person every day, and to improve in the game that I love most. I have a reputation to maintain and grow further and this is a responsibility which I’ll gladly take!”

Musashi: What ultimately has helped you become the fastest growing streamer on Twitch?

Danucd: “Two major things have helped me to become the fastest growing streamer on twitch: YouTube and my amazing community and the great people and love I am surrounded by. YouTube has gave me a huge reach and exposure which allowed people to know about me and come and check me out, but more importantly, if I wasn’t by such wonderful people in my channel, I wouldn’t be able to grow as I did. All credits go to these lovely people who never cease to amaze me every single day with their support, love and I am thankful they are dedicating their time to be with me.”

Musashi: What is your history in video games?

Danucd: Honestly, I come from a very humble and amateur background in gaming. It’s thanks to my brother that I entered the gaming world as a kid, and since then I just got addicted to games! I’ve always played games for fun and with friends, and only when I decided to start streaming that it was the turning point for me, and the rest is history!”

Musashi: What is your favorite gun in PUBG?

Danucd: It’s the beryl m762. Although everyone tends to play less with it because it is really difficult to handle, but if you really understand the mechanics and how to handle it, this gun is OP!”

Musashi: How did you become so good at PUBG?

Danucd: “No pain no gain! You have to lose a lot in this game to become a better player. Practice makes perfect and I dedicated so many hours per day, during and outside my streaming hours to play this game. Playing with other streamers and pro players helped me develop my gameplay IQ, my communication in game, my movements, my tactics, etc… And of course, watching others play the game can help you learn from their own mistakes and improve.”

Musashi: Have you always lived in Latvia?

Danucd: “Once I was participating in an exchange program for students (Erasmus) so I went to study in Spain and lived there for 6 months, and I travelled to many countries but it was just for short vacation time, so besides all that, I have lived in Latvia basically my whole life.”

Musashi: You’ve hit 100,000 followers now, what’s next?

Danucd: “It is important that people set big milestones and targets to reach in their lives to keep them motivated and work hard for it. But for me, for the meanwhile, all my focus is on myself, my channel and my content, my gameplay and all my dedication goes to improve every single day. I never thought of setting a target of reaching 100k followers but I just did, and it’s all because of the hard work I’m doing every single day and the passion and heart which I’m putting on my stream every single day. So I am sure I am reaching bigger milestones and bigger targets soon, and I will never cease to grow, improve and challenge myself for more!”

Musashi: This Question is for you Johnny, what is your goal for Dana and the Danucd Army?

Johnny: Well, for the community, my philosophy is simple: Always give back!

Our community has been unreal! The amount of love and support we receive every day is just unbelievable. And with all my respect to other streamers and communities, but yes! Our community is bluntly is the best on Twitch! So our goal for February is to give back, and we are planning a very nice giveaway to them with your help and support of course, because Wildcard is always involved in every step we are making, as our support, team and 2nd family!

As for Dana, I promise her of some really nice surprises, and that’s all I’m going to say for now!”

Be sure to follow Danucd on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to her on YouTube for the latest montages and insane footage of her ‘out of this world’ gameplay!

Full Danucd Intro Video here: https://youtu.be/mRuF9zKtumw


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