This week we sat down with Cade “Goosey” Hoch, aka Gooseyoffical, who joined the team all the way back in January as he was this selected for this weeks’ Streamer Spotlight.  So without further adieu

How old were you when you first found Twitch?

I first found twitch from watching a few of my favorite Youtubers back in the day join twitch and start live streaming their content with their friends. Some of the household names that really brought me to the live broadcasting platform were GoldGloveTV, ActiBunniFooFoo, VernNotice, and Jericho. At the time I was 14 watching Youtube videos, barely into high school, and totally obsessed with gaming, computers, and the idea of streaming.

How did you get into streaming and how long have you been streaming for?

Around this time I was exploring through dungeons and dragons, theatre, and making gaming videos with friends on his montage and commentary channel. One friend and I made a twitch account for the two of us to stream together on, and it quickly became something that I did everyday instead. I streamed for about a year, got up to 50 viewers in 2014, which was pretty crazy, especially because of how young I was. I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t know how to hold a community, social following, or brand myself. The tools available now like discord are so awesome to maintain and communicate with your communities.

What was the craziest thing that has happened on stream to you IRL?

Some of the craziest things I’ve had happen on twitch have definitely been my IRL streams where I go explore, or have TTS for donations on with a LOUD Bluetooth speaker. My audience is very wholesome, but I feel its really because they are charging up their toxicity into comedy when they can embarrass me through streaming infrastructure. Some highlights include: calling retail workers “daddy,” warning those around me of my “contagious rash,” and things like that. I really love my content because of its value, and the way that my audience has a formative influence on it.

What was the best/funniest viewer moment?

My best viewer moments have got to be whenever I’m able to meet them. Its surreal to get recognized IRL and when I’m able to have viewer meet ups at conventions its so cool. I have met so many of my fans and it’s such a great feeling to know that you make people’s days better.

Who is your favorite streamer?

This CANT be a fair question. Twitch is all about connectivity and as a creator myself I can’t pick a home base other than my own, I spend the most time with my own community so I can’t say I congregate the most time anywhere other than my home. We are all friends as creators and it’s like asking which one of your friends is your favorite. I can’t pick one to be my favorite.

Who is a streamer you watch that no one would image you would watch?

There’s this one idiot named Bustin that I watch, hes pretty lame

Can you share some of your 2019 goals?

I have a lot of stuff under wraps, but expect huge things from me and my team. I am averaging around the top 12k of streams on twitch, and in 2019 I want to see myself within the top 4k. I mainly wanna keep destroying in every way possible!

Any tips for someone reading this that is considering streaming?

If you want to stream, know why and how and when you are entertaining. Play games and things that you want to play, and try to build a community. Recently I automated an excel sheet of over 5000 viewers and for a majority of them I could tell at least one story. It was so wonderful to see, and showed me how many friends we have found along the way on twitch.

How did you find Wildcard Gaming?

A friend of mine introduced me to a team member, and eventually one of the co-owners. I impressed them all with my broadcasting talent and the rest is history.

How are you enjoying the team?

The team is an international thing so I know that we have some weird timings to streams, I hope to play soon with more members of the team like swagger, uzi, and danucd.

Outside of streaming what do I enjoy?

I enjoy playing with my animals, as well as photography, skateboarding, and playing guitar. I do really enjoy twitch so even when I’m not streaming I’m probably doing something related to broadcasting.

You can catch Goosey streaming weekdays starting at 6 EST!

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