Everyone here at Wildcard would like to take a moment to thank Daniel “SharpShot” Hernandez for the time he spent playing on our PUBG team. He joined our roaster back in February of 2018 as an unproven yet extremely talented shooter. The Organization was beyond excited to have him since day one and he quickly showed the PUBG community amazing highlight play after amazing highlight play! SharpShot soared up the NA player rankings and it’s safe to say he’s become a household name in the North American PUBG community.


SharpShot played an integral role with Wildcard’s sustained success in PUBG through all of 2018. He had multiple tournament victories and top league placings and effectively made Wildcard a force to be reckoned with. The duo of SharpShot and Kick easily became favorites to win any duo tournament.


Unfortunately, the saying “All good things must eventually come to an end…” proves true. It was clear during Phase 2 that even though the talent on the roster was world class, something was off it was time for a fresh start. We know SharpShot is eager to start the next chapter in his PUBG career with his new team and we wish him the best of luck! We hope he and all of our former players find success in their new endeavors.


When Daniel joined Wildcard he was an inexperienced kid full of talent looking for an opportunity to prove himself. He leaves us as a mature young man full of experience and ready to help take any team to the next level. We thank him for everything he has done inside the Wildcard organization over the past year and a half and we look forward to competing against him in Phase 3.


Speaking of Phase 3, we’ll have more information on that for you in the near future! Until then, we want to thank you for your continued support and we hope to keep the #stackthedeck pride alive as we continue forward in the PUBG community!


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