The National PUBG League ‘Phase 2’ is finally upon us! I got the chance to sit down with our Co Owner and PUBG team manager Ben and our new in-house coach, Stephen “go_bang” Lemmons, to discuss the direction of Wildcard PUBG going into the next phase, how our latest addition to the roster CAD3N is adjusting to the WCG team, and their plans on building what will likely be one the most frightening team of fraggers in the NPL to date!

During Phase 1 Wildcard Gaming finished in 6th place, accumulating 20 Championship Points to take with them to Phase 2. They have big goals moving forward, namely to end in the top five, allowing the team to play in Phase 3 at Stockholm, Sweden for the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic.

I asked go_bang about how their newest team member, Caden “CAD3N” Brill, is adjusting. “Caden is doing really well!” go_bang says. “He’s really interested in helping the team and he brings so much skill to the table! He’s adjusting to communicating with everyone, especially in game, and I’m constantly encouraging him to speak his mind. He has got to be one of the most mentally resilient people I know, especially after the hurdles he overcame with his down time from playing pro. Over all, CAD3N is doing amazing and you’ll be seeing some great things from him this split!”

With the new addition of in-house coach go_bang, a seasoned PUBG player, it’s safe to say WCG is making a few changes to the team and how it operates. I got to ask go_bang about his regimen for the team and his plans for helping them achieve their goals. “We run scrims 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. It’s a lot of hard work! My goal is to help them develop their in game communication and just get them a better game plan instead of essentially ‘winging it’.” go_bang says. “I’m also working on helping the team create a healthy lifestyle outside of practicing. It’s important to me that they remain physically and mentally fit, playing for so long every day can put quite the strain on anyone! I’m working with each of them to make sure they’re on a healthy diet, sleep schedule, and are getting some physical activity outside of the house. Along with all this I think it’s important that they enjoy things like their hobbies, their friends, and their live streams if they have them. We’re making time for everyone to enjoy this experience amidst preparing for Phase 2 and I think all our hard work will definitely pay off.”

Go_Bang certainly has an impressive and respectable set of goals for our team and we believe with everyone’s hard work they’ll make the top 5, no problem! We can’t wait to see what having CAD3N and go_bang will do for Wildcard Gaming this Phase!

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