The Wildcard Gaming Valentines week special features our own, Tyler “Bustin” Maclachlan! The king of League of Legends and Memes has been with Wildcard since mid 2018 and has been a phenomenal and inspirational addition to the Wildcard Content Team. Tyler started his career a few years back watching a friend stream League and due to Bustin already playing at the Diamond level in the popular MOBA Game, his friend suggested a career on Twitch and that’s how it all got started. “Bustin not only provides quality content, but he is absolutely hilarious,” says William Lucas, Partnerships Director and Stream Team Manager at Wildcard. “The thing that got me the most is how down to earth he is. Tyler is a huge advocate for respect and even if he’s meeting you for the first time, he’ll smile at your, give you a firm handshake, and hug you like you are his close friend. It’s very easy to see why he has a loyal and colossal community behind him.”


William and Bustin have gotten together for a quick Q and A talking about the career of a streamer, the road to 100,000 followers and ultimately, what’s next!


William: What is your main game?

Bustin: “I mostly play League of Legends for 3-5 hours a day, but I have been getting into other games to add more of a variety to the stream. I recently picked up APEX, and other random games on the PS4.”

William: What is your next big milestone?

Bustin: “My Next big milestone would be 100,000 followers. I’m genuinely happy with what I’ve accomplished so far, but if I had to say anything it’s that. I’m around 78,000 followers right now, so only 20,000 more to go!”

William: What are you most looking forward to for 2019?

Bustin: “I’m looking forward to the growth I should be able to achieve, as well as the meetups and events. I love going to all the events and meeting up with my community! It really brings a real life aspect to streaming. Once you meet a viewer, it’s not just a streamer and viewer relationship, most of the time you create a real life friend and that’s really important to me.”

William: One Final Question, what would you say is your streaming ‘approach’?

Bustin: “For me, it’s just this… Press live, have fun, do stupid sh**, and laugh!”

Be sure to follow Bustin on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and subscribe to him on YouTube for the latest clips and montages of his hilarious content!


Full Bustin Spotlight Video here:

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