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Wildcard Announces Co-ed League of Legends Team

Wildcard is excited to announce that we have acquired the co-ed League of Legends team “Gamer Hours’” who will rename to Wildcard Light. The roster has been participating in the SGGS Summer Season which is an online tournament focused on supporting women in gaming. The roster was originally formed by our Wildcard Development manager, Collin, to be a force that would actively compete with the other teams in the Super Girl Gamer Pro Series.

The roster consists of current players of our developmental roster as well as some of the best female players in North America. After competing in the past 3 weeks of Qualifiers placing 1st, 2nd, and 2nd respectively the team is currently seeded first going into the playoffs.

Team Manager Collin “Croe” Roe had the following to say about the formation of the team:
The first two players were Applause (Amanda) and ShySept (Melissa). These players know each other IRL and have played with and against each other for years. Boasting an impressive 7 year reputation within the competitive lol scene, Applause had earned her respect as an amateur scene veteran. While ShySept didn’t have as large of a reputation in competitive play, she was infamous for her strong play within the solo queue ladder. Knowing each other IRL, it was easy to have these two seamlessly synergize within a team environment. Solaria, also known as Aria, was the final piece to our powerful, female team. She is easily recognized as one of the best female players that the high-elo league scene has to offer. Not only has she played league since BETA, but her depth of knowledge rewarded her with an amazing Challenger 780 LP peak this season! While her primary role may be support, she has made sure to serve her team well by taking up the mid lane position.

To round out our team we pulled in two players from the Wildcard Development team. Rapid (Donnie) and The Crazy Goose (Alek) are recognized by our team as being top tier talent that we wanted to showcase. Both of these guys have been an integral element of our team on Wildcard Development as well as here on Wildcard Light. They are two players that exemplify what all male players in the League community should.“

Wildcard Light faces Tempest Bees in the semifinals of playoffs tomorrow, August 14th at 4pm EST. Stay tuned on socials for updates on where you can watch the match and follow the team’s socials below:

Top – Shysept – she/her   

Jungle – Rapid – he/him 

Mid – Solaria – she/her  

Bot – The Crazy Goose – he/him 

Support – Applause – she/her 



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