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Wildcard has been in the World of Warcraft scene since the beginning of 2019, holding our Arena team solid since then. There’s no doubt we have a talented group of players- Arguably the best of their roles in Europe, if not the world. Individually some have seen Blizzcon multiple times, and working together they overcame last year’s opposition of the dreaded meta that was RMD, and against the odds made it to Blizzcon together.

All through AWC they held true to the roles they excel at and eventually climbed their way from the claws of the seemingly uncounterable composition that had anyone who didn’t give in and simply play it stuck. With their hard work, dedication, and ability to learn from their mistakes our team took Method Black through a heart stopping, edge of the seat series at Blizzcon 2019 before ultimately taking second place. However- They’re back again, and 2020 is looking real good.

With our team’s year of success, and the success they’ve started this year off with at the Method Mayhem tournament, Wildcard wanted to do something special to showcase our players and what they’re best at. A new season of AWC is right around the corner and to kick it off we’re working together with the boys to bring the World Of Warcraft Arena community detailed guides on each of our player’s main roles. That means you’ll be getting an Arms Warrior guide written by Blizo, a Fire Mage guide by Maro, an Elemental Shaman guide by Zeepeye, and a Mistweaver Monk guide by Loony.

Over the course of the next several weeks we’ll be releasing these tailored guides written by our own players, for you. Look forward to information such as each character’s strengths and weaknesses, talents, traits, stat priority, gear, and even some common mistakes our players feel others often make. If you’re wanting to learn how to play like some of the best, our guides will be a great place to start. 



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