It is with great excitement that we are finally able to announce LF Gaming as our latest partner.  LF Gaming is known for having the highest quality gaming chair on the market, often referred to as the “Ferrari of gaming chairs”.

For 2019 and the foreseeable future, LF Gaming will be equipping Wildcard’s professional players and select influencers with the fully-custom designed Wildcard Gaming chair.  This beautiful ergonomic masterpiece will provide our professionals the comfort needed for long durations of sitting, helping with performance and reducing the effect of back pain throughout the entire organization.  The hand-stitched ‘Gamertag’ feature gives each chair a personal touch to the individual, and the design will improve their overall gaming experience and all them to game in style.


LF Gaming has gone the extra mile and uniquely created chairs for Wildcard’s most influential content creators.  These chairs will be unveiled on our Streamers’ channels soon, so keep an eye out!

If you would like to purchase your very own, customized Wildcard Gaming Chair, use code ‘Wildcard’ for 5% off at checkout and please

About LF Gaming

Family owned and operated LF Gaming has over 40 years experience providing the best quality business chairs to some of the largest companies and famous individuals across the continent.  Based out of Calgary, Alberta the company uses only the finest components, hand crafted, precise stitching, and above all; an emphasis on ergonomics.

LF Gaming recognized a need in the gaming space for beautifully designed, high quality ergonomic gaming chairs.  Using their extensive experience and ergonomic design LF Gaming is here to meet all the extreme gaming needs and help with back pain 1 chair at a time.

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About Wildcard Gaming


Wildcard Gaming is a top tier, leading esports brand with professional rosters in a variety of titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Brawlhala, and Battlerite. Wildcard Gaming was formed with the idea to stabilize the uncertainty involved with the esports industry. Welcome to the elite, Wildcard is here to dominate esports at the Global Level. Join us, be a part of our family.  #stackthedeck



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