Welcome to the APEX THUNDERDOME! We are proud to welcome the dominating Apex Legends roster of Alex ‘Glahn’ Glahn, Henry ‘henReeL’ Lee, and Brandon ‘oh Nocturnal’ Singer to the Wildcard Gaming Family. The team of giants has been playing together for some time now, placing 8th overall for the first season of professional Apex and now, looking to take top 5 for season 2. According to Henry Lee, the team attempted pro runs at other games, but finally began their professional careers in Apex Legends. “We all pretty much played Fortnite before getting into the Apex scene, I liked the game overall but the developers didn’t seem like they really cared and it was much more about the advertising aspect,” explained Lee. “In Fortnite, they were constantly releasing sub-par content after a while,” continued Singer. “When Apex came out and we all gave it a shot, it was like BOOM, immediate and outstanding results which made the transition and decision to go pro in this game very easy.”

We are deeply thrilled to dive deep into the brambles of professional Apex with this squad and we’d like to take a closer look into the heart of this team, their play style, and why they chose Wildcard Gaming.


Musashi: “So tell me a little about Apex and what roles you all play?”


henReeL: “I play Lifeline, essentially the healing role. Lifeline has a drone ability and she also has a quicker revive time than other legends. Her ultimate ability is a care package that drops upgraded equipment and she also regenerates 25% faster thanks to her passive.”


Glahn: “I play Bangalore. Her kit is filled with smoke grenades and abilities. Also, when an opponent misses a shot against her, Bangalore has a really strong gap closing passive. Her Ultimate ability is this huge artillery strike which inflicts a long disorienting effect as well as a moderate amount of damage detonation.”


oh Nocturnal: “Finally, I play Wraith and she has some very unique abilities which include going into the void to avoid damage and abilities. What’s cool is she can’t be targeted when she’s in this which makes her a very unique and interesting legend. She’s definitely a play making character and lastly, her passive gives you a sound cue when someone aims at you.”


Musashi: “Who is the shot caller on the team?”


Team: “We don’t really have a clear shot caller,” said Nocturnal. “But if we had to name the voice of the team, that would probably be myself. We have been playing together a long time so we trust each other and really just know where to position a lot of times without even having to talk about it, which is why we play so well as a team.”


Musashi: “What made you want to sign with Wildcard Gaming?”


Team: Wildcard is clearly a player focused and driven organization which is what we were looking for,” henReeL explained. “Yeah, Wildcard had a really nice roadmap of how they were going to do things and how we fit into the plan as well not to mention they are just a bunch of real, down to earth folks,” continued Glahn. “The owners actually treated us like human beings which isn’t typical, I feel like I’m actually joining a family which I know is important to all of us,” finished Nocturnal.


Musashi: “What are your goals?”


henReeL: “I started in esports playing Fortnite like I said earlier and most of this decision stemmed from seeing my brother competing in Fortnite pro scrims. Though I didn’t make it like I wanted to in Fortnite, I want to catch up and even surpass my brother as a professional esports athlete and I know this is a giant step towards that.”


Glahn: “For me, this is legitimately one of the biggest opportunities to perform and make a name for myself from the ground up. I can already tell based upon the competition now and our achievement of finally signing with an organization will help us become one of the biggest named teams in Apex.”


oh Nocturnal: “Personally, after many years of trying and trying to get into esports. I finally found a career in Apex and I’m really just ready at this point to give my all to this game and the growing Apex Legends scene. It’s a bright future and I’m excited to get as far as I can with myself, my team, and ultimately, with Wildcard!”


Musashi: “Any final remarks?”




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