As an organization you await the call from a sponsor, from a team, from an influencer that can move the dial in a positive perspective. Then you have to take that communication and sell it to the sponsor. What we have built over the past 2 years is a hand shake that is stronger than oak. When we say this is the person, this is the team, this is the product that we want to be a part we know it is in alignment with our brand.  That way we never put our sponsors in a difficult spot or one in which they question. Time and time again we have produced results, we set the bar and exceeded it, but for the first time we have our branded products in one central location.  A location where you can see and then purchase from our sponsors the product or products that fit you.  So when you click our links, when you visit our sponsors… know that we have sat in that chair, we have engaged that individual in order to test the supplement and we showed nothing but positive feed back. We will NEVER, EVER sell out just for the sake of making a buck.  We trail every product we brain storm with our sponsors so that all releases share our visions. We don’t expect a 5 star rating, our sponsored products are a 5 star, because of price, and customer experience. We stand behind this, so if you feel different please share your thoughts so we can rectify the situation. We do not say yes, because of pay check, we sign on the dotted line b/c we agree with the message, the product, and the pricing, do not be fooled otherwise!!!


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