Outbreak Nutrition CEO, Terry Katz, took a moment with us to not only hear what our streamers and staff had to say about their nutrition partner, but also to educate everyone about the product and what makes it stand out.  For a more informed video take a moment and watch Terry’s video below.  It explains what a proprietary blend is, why it’s is considered a scam in the nutrition industry.  Outbreak never uses these blends and a quick glance at any of their product labels proves it.  He also gives a detailed explanation of the distinct differences between his gaming product “FPS” and “Gfuel”.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYz-rF0pWTY[/embedyt]


For those that do not know Terry offers his product to staff and streamers to make sure everyone has access to supplements that matter to their nutritional regiment.  His products are broken up into categories, supplements, Energy and Focus, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Protein, and recovery.  Each product within the group is clearly marked so that you know exactly what your putting in your body to plan a balanced dietary plan no matter what your goal is.  You will also find that each dose from any one of his products is balanced and not saturated with fillers for color and taste.  After a pool among the team we all voted the F.P.S. – Focus and Performance Supplement as a must have.


The consensus was that it gave you that focused edge of that first cup of coffee in the morning but then persisted not leaving you needing more, or over saturated in sugars or sugar like complexes to leave you coming down suddenly.  Personally for me I like that I could also google each ingredient to confirm what was written below each ingredient.  So let me take a moment to say thanks for putting that quick statement below each ingredient.  Oh and Terry, while Glucuronolactone didn’t have any info it was a neat Wikipedia, and found that it is naturally occurring substance that is an important structural component of nearly all connective tissues. Kind of neat, so what’s it do… Oh yeah, it is used as a detoxicant, and safe at 1000 mg/kg/day.  I see why you couldn’t fit all that under that one.

We couldn’t be happier with the products, and the swag!  #getyourwildcardstacker #weloveFPS

As we close out the first quarter we do so with a cup of FPS, a smile, and a new friend.  Thanks Terry for your support of the organization, the streamers, pros, and the fans.  We look forward to continued success and partnership.


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