It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce Wildcard Gaming’s entrance into the World of Warcraft Arena scene by picking up world class arena team, Babasboys! The current European roster consists of Martin “Loony” Pettersson, Maros “Blizo” Molcan, Emil “Zeepeye” Ek, and Maro-Simon “Maro” Franke who recently competed at the 1st Spring Cup of 2019 and took 3rd overall in Europe, barely losing to Method Black in the Loser’s finals. “It’s a great feeling to be able to return to and revitalize our roots in World of Warcraft Arena,” says Ben Merritt, Co Owner of Wildcard Gaming. “The core of the roster consisting of Loony, Blizo, and Zeepeye has been playing together for years,” according to former World Champion, Loony.


After the last Blizzcon event in 2018, the core added long term friend and world class mage, ‘Maro’ to solidly round out the European God Squad. “The reason professional teams have 4 players is to cover more viable comp options. Different professionals excel at different classes.” Explained Maro. “Maro plays the Mage class extremely well, in fact he’s one of, if not the best Mage player in the world.” Continued Zeepeye. “At Blizzcon and even before that, we were having some minor issues and Maro really compliments the roster in a lot of ways.”


In our initial interview of the team, we came to discover several unique aspects about the roster that are unique to other teams previously under the Wildcard Gaming banner. “The voice of our team is and has always been Loony for several reasons other than he’s in fact the oldest among us. We all give equal input and don’t really have a designated ‘In Game Leader’ or ‘Team Captain’ but if you had to put a label on it, it would definitely be Loony.” Says Blizo. “Whenever we do an interview though.. They always ask for Blizo and Maro!” Laughed Zeepeye.


According to the team, they boys chose Wildcard Gaming for a multitude of reasons, but Maro and Loony really hammer down the most important reasons. “Wildcard is really active in the wow scene already which is a huge plus for us. It’s much more important to us to have an org behind us that really cares about the game and understands the scene.” Explains Maro. “They definitely has a ‘Method’ feel to them in the WoW scene and Wildcard is an org with tremendous potential with their roots centered World of Warcraft, so we are most excited for the next step in our career with them.” Finished Loony.


Wildcard Gaming World of Warcraft Arena featuring Blizo, Maro, Zeepeye, and Loony are firing up to compete in the 2nd Spring Cup of 2019. We are about to enter the THUNDERDOME! Are you ready?


Watch the team starting this coming Friday and Sunday for the 2019 Spring Cup #2 airing at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST), which will be live on our very own team page. The boys will be playing under the Wildcard Gaming banner for the very first time! #WCWIN

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