Wildcard enters the CS space for the first time and couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds for the remainder of CSGO and what CS2 has to offer starting later this year. We are dedicated to the development and growth of the future NA CS talent for years to come.

We welcome one of the top teams in North American CSGO.

Brett “brett” Rhein 

Matthew “Cryptic” Whitmore 

Jack “micro” Ryan 

Adam “freshie” Paterson 

Keller “SLIGHT” Nilan

Newly hired General Manager of CSGO Jeremy states, “ Thank you to Ben and Griff for the opportunity to build the CS division as I look to guide this project in the right direction for the players to grow not only within the server, but outside the server at the same time. We have big plans for this great group of players and are committed to giving them the right support to reach their max potential under the Wildcard banner”

We would like to thank the CEO of Detonate Levoski Brown for his part in helping the roster find a new home. Levoski states “It’s no surprise to me or anyone else at Detonate that other organizations would be interested in picking up these guys. High level competition, entertaining content, and hard work; they do it all. With the M1cks pickup as Head Coach and Valkenn as Analyst for the team, they improved significantly faster that anyone could have predicted and with them qualifying to the RMR (despite unfortunate circumstances leading to the team not being able to attend) I knew it was my duty to find them a new home with more resources to provide to them in the long term. All 5 of these players are some of the hardest working players in North America and I could not be more proud of their success! 

Ben from Wildcard Gaming reached out to me regarding the team and the transition from Detonate to Wildcard was one of the easier transactions in my career. It just made sense to us both. Effective April 14th, 2023 all player contracts were sold and released to Wildcard while our company acted as liaison for the needs and requirements of each of the players moving forward. We wish each of the players and support staff the best of luck in their personal and professional endeavors in or out of CS:GO and are happy to welcome Wildcard to the North American region! Detonate will continue to strive for success in both Advanced/ECL by providing what tools and resources we can to push players one step closer to professional league play.”

Wildcard is excited to build long term with the roster. Adam “freshie” Paterson states “”Our goal is simple and that is to make it to Pro League over the next couple of seasons. Aside from Pro League we are aiming to qualify for offline events and reach new heights with Wildcards support”

Wildcard is a professional esport organization established in 2017.  They have teams in LoL, Dota 2, R6, PUBG, Apex Legends and CSGO. Wildcard will continue to rapidly expand through 2023 with more exciting announcements to come.



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