Another season of PUBG is upon us and Wildcard Gaming has traveled all the way to Manhattan Beach, CA to attend.  With over 1 Million Dollars in prize money on the line, the team has their eyes on the prize. Wildcard Gaming PUBG will be competing in Group A for the duration of the event, so please refer to the below calendar to watch you favorite team battle it out for the trophy.  Please note: All times are US Pacific Standard Time.  You can catch the action at https://www.twitch.tv/ognesports

You can also join us at https://wildcard.gg/pubg where we will be hosting the action and tracking the leaderboard, keeping you up to date with all the latest coverage this week! #WCWIN

Only 1 Can Claim The Coveted Chicken Dinner. Can we do it?

OGN has partnered with PUBG to bring you the 2019 National PUBG League, featuring the best pro teams and the best squads from the North American qualifiers to compete for a total prize pool of 1 Million Dollars!

The action begins on January 7th with the first preseason matches to determine which teams will join each tier of competition. 32 total teams will be chosen through invitation and online qualifiers to face off live from the OGN Super Arena for a prize pool of $100,000. More importantly, the top 16 teams will advance to the NPL where they will battle it out throughout Phase 1 of the season. The remaining 16 teams will be placed into the NPL Contenders tier, which will have opportunities for promotion into the NPL throughout the season.

About Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming is a top tier, leading esports brand with professional rosters in a variety of titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Brawlhala, and Battlerite. Wildcard Gaming was formed with the idea to stabalize the uncertainty involved with the esports industry. Welcome to the elite, Wildcard is here to dominate esports at the Global Level. Join us, be a part of our family. #stackthedeck


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