“We’ve always been passionate about World of Warcraft, and we are so pleased with how successful the team has been this past year since we acquired the roster.” -Wildcard Gaming Management. The time is finally here ladies and gentlemen… The boys have spent the last several months preparing and finally after this week, they are geared up and ready to contend for one of the top raiding spots in the world again. “Last tier we got world 8th. This tier, our goal is world 5th and we plan to get it.” Says Lumi, Officer of the Wildcard Gaming Raid Team. “Our roster is stacked and even though we aren’t consistently day raiding, I have tremendous confidence in the boys that we can pull off a top 5 or even a top 3 placement if we are on our game these next two weeks.” Finished TMSean, Wildcard Gaming’s Raid Leader.


As the Mythic clock ticks closer, the team is definitely feeling the pressure, but more importantly, the excitement. Peaking at 19,000 concurrent viewers for the Heroic Jaina Proudmoore World First Kill and from the support of all the fans and partners, the raiders are ready, more than ever, to put on a show tomorrow. “During Uldir, we had a few partners and we definitely had backing, but not nearly the explosion of support that the guild and the org has now for the Battle of Dazar’Alor.” Commented William Lucas, Partnerships Director at Wildcard Gaming. This race, the guild has 8 partners (2 for Uldir) supporting them for the race. “We absolutely love our partnerships for this tier,” continues TMSean. “The amount of Support from partners and fans has been very humbling and we can’t wait to show the world what we can really do.”


Light… Camera……. ACTION! The boys are live bright and early starting tomorrow at 10am Eastern Standard Time for the entrance into Mythic Battle Of Dazar’Alor. We will be hosting round the clock coverage of all the action, including the boss kills on our Wildcard Gaming World of Warcraft Website Page where you can also keep up with the top 9 Viewed Wildcard Gaming Raiders at the same time! (For a complete list, please visit the Wildcard Gaming Twitch Page)

Heroic Kill:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkBgzpU0nmM[/embedyt]

Be sure to also check out the Wildcard Gaming World of Warcraft Partners, Outbreak Nutrition, LF Gaming, Cooler Master, Fred Hutch, ThunderX3, Aerocool, and Webaround Gaming. #WCWIN

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