Wildcard Gaming is proud to welcome Caden “CAD3N” Brill to the Wildcard Gaming professional Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds roster. CAD3N is an exceptional and experienced fragger that has been competing for years, his rise starting back in late 2017 when joined up with the original Team Envy roster.

CAD3N’s journey with Team Envy is certainly to be attributed for the start of his success and the beginning of his pro career. In 2018 CAD3N competed with team Envy in his first LAN competition, saying “I had the second highest kills and we finished in seventh place, which isn’t terrible.” He notes that the LAN competition “Really helped to jumpstart us! We did great at every event  for the rest of the year.”

Later in 2018 CAD3N played at PGI Burbank under Ghost Gaming due to 2 of Ghost’s players not meeting the visa requirements. The duo of CAD3N and Venerated from Team Envy along with 2 of Ghost Gaming’s professionals came in second place, moving onto the world championships.“Sadly Venerated and I didn’t get to move forward because we weren’t on the permanent Ghost roster.” CAD3N says. Certainly discouraging to not be able to play on the world stage, but definitely not a hindrance that would affect his career!


We also got the chance to talk to CAD3N about his absence in the pro scene, a burning question for many. After having an accident in Sweden CAD3N says he suffered liver damage, prompting him to take a break. “It was a rough patch for me for sure,” says CAD3N. “After the accident I struggled with pretty harsh anxiety which led to me eventually seek professional help. Then, after a full recovery from my injuries I feel better than ever and excited to be a part of this veteran Wildcard roster.” It’s safe to say we’re happy he’s doing better and we’re pleased he’s joining us for his glorious return to the professional pubg scene!


Of course we asked CAD3N how he felt about teaming up with us. He said “I love Wildcard as an Organization! I’m happy to be here and to work with my new teammates who are some of the best players in the game as well as some of my closest friends.” Suffice to say that Wildcard Gaming is excited to have CAD3N, too! His talent and ambitions will definitely be a great addition to our family and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next as he shapes out what looks to be one of the most terrifying rosters in the NPL. #WCWIN


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