We are proud to welcome Dana “Danucd” Dima to Wildcard Gaming’s Influencing team this year! Dana is a world class PUBG player reigning from Latvia and is widely considered by many as the ‘Best Female PUBG Player in the World’. The quality of content Danucd brings aligns perfectly with the high quality level of esports teams and content creators that Wildcard Gaming consistently strives to bring to our fans.


“Wildcard was the first professional gaming organization that I had heard of, because when I started streaming on the Twitch platform, the first player I ever played with was a Wildcard Gaming member and that person helped me a lot”, Says Danucd. “A big part of why I want to be a part of Wildcard as well is because I am sure that together, we will achieve growth for both of us, and that I will be getting the proper support from such a great organization. After our meetings, I felt very connected to Wildcard, not just on a personal level, but the great positive vibes made a huge impact on me decision and point of view of Wildcard Gaming.”


Johnny, Danucd’s manager, is very involved with Dana and her success as a growing streamer and is always looking for new opportunities to help her growth. “The moment you watch Dana’s stream, you clearly see how much passion she puts into it and in her games. I have seen so many streams and streamer, and with all respect, very few put their hearts into it the way Dana does. Add to that, her dedication and commitment to deliver top content every single game she plays, always delivering the best possible performance. Dana has such a strong fighting mentality and she is always pushing herself to the extreme. All that being said, she reminds me a lot of myself and how I look at life. Her character and personality are very similar to mine and that definitely makes me want to work hard for and with her. We have already reached big goals and achieved massive milestones together in only 2 months of hard, dedicated work”, Johnny expressed.


Wildcard Gaming really began developing the influencing side of Wildcard early last year and we are proud of how far we have developed this side of the organization. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds along with several other Battle Royale titles, has been a genre we have been interested in since the scene developed back in mid 2017. Dana, like those of us at Wildcard, is always looking to provide premium content in PUBG and is very consistent with her stream schedule, level of play, and level of professionalism which made the decision to bring on Dana a no brainer.


Dana, why are you excited to be a part of Wildcard?


“I am excited to be a part of Wildcard because of the great opportunities that Wildcard has to offer. As mentioned once in our first meeting, my visions and the organization’s visions aligned and that, for me, is very impressive. We both have a clear path for myself and the opportunities awaiting with Wildcard I feel will be of great outcome. Wildcard also has huge plans for 2019 and I can see the efforts of everyone here, including the other influencers, working to make this org as successful as possible which, again, is very impressive to me as I am a hard worker myself.”


Johnny, how did you and Dana meet?


“It’s actually a funny story, yet makes you wonder. I made a Twitch account around 3 months ago, just out of curiosity and no one from the streamer I knew or heard of were online, so I ended up clicking on the ‘PUBG’ category on Twitch and it proceeds to show you who is online, and low and behold, that’s where I found Dana for the first time! I clicked on her channel and the rest is really… history!” Laughed Johnny. “She was the first channel I watched live on a Twitch stream and I got addicted there and then.”


Dana, Johnny, what are you both looking forward to most this year?


“2019 to me, is all about personal and professional growth. I am very excited to walk on that path and be able to improve on a personal level, develop my character and personality further, and improve my language and communication skills!” Says Danucd. “Our first principle in life, is to build a real tight community and have a family like feel and closeness between the great supporters and people who are the to support us every day. If you check out Dana’s stream, you can really see and feel that sense of family and comradery, you feel like you’re there with her, and that is one of the biggest reasons people enjoy and love being apart of this community.” Finished Johnny.


“The Wildcard Gaming management team, Johnny, Dana, and her community now enter as a part of the Wildcard family and we are deeply thrilled to have you all with us!” – Wildcard Gaming Management Team


“We are so very excited that we are all one team now, let’s take 2019 by storm!” – Danucd


Come see the legend for yourself, follow Danucd on Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to her on YouTube for the latest montages and insane footage of her ‘out of this world’ gameplay!


Full Danucd Intro Video here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRuF9zKtumw[/embedyt]


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