We are happy to introduce the newest member of the Wildcard Family, Bebe! Bebe is an DOTA autochess player who will be streaming and competing for Wildcard starting today! If you don’t know what auto chess is, it is a turn-based strategy game that faces you against seven other players at once and originated from DOTA assets and mechanics but with a custom chess board map.


We took some time and did a quick interview with Bebe to learn more about him:


Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, where you are from.


Hello! My name is BeBe (Kyuyeon Kim), I am 24 years old majored in Accounting and am South Korean. Additionally I lived in Seattle for 5 years!  My dream is to be one the best players and beginner guiders of autochess.


Why did you decide to start playing autochess?


I used to play games a lot since I was a kid and manage to get good rankings in games such as League of Legends and Cyphers, yet I never had the courage to take it to a competitive level and as time passed on it turns out I regretted it a lot. I started autochess because I believe that autochess will be a fantastic game game worth investing time in and for once through autochess I wanted to pursue what I am most passionate in life!

What is your background in video games?


I used to play League of Legends (top lane yorick, bot lane brand and ziggs – Diamand 1 Korea Season 4) and Hearthstone(Alexstraza mind blast priest). I also enjoyed WoW3 extension random defence games and old time games such as Age of mythology and Pokemon! My favorite game series would be Fire emblem.


What is the highest rank you have obtained in autochess?     


My peak rank was Queen Rank 61!

What is the biggest tip that you can give to someone looking to get better in autochess?


The biggest tip I would recommend is risk management. Don’t limit yourself to one or two builds but consider every transition you can make with the choices given to you. The best start for this strategy would be starting with tiny, because tiny can build into assassins, hunters, mages, beast warriors, and a lot of other builds while being an incredibly useful unit by itself even late game.


You can watch Bebe on Twitch and follow his Social Media for updates about when he goes live and everything related to autochess.


Twitch: twitch.tv/bebe872

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BebeAutoChess


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