Wildcard Gaming recently welcomed the Queen of PUBG to our ranks and now we are proud to finally welcome the KING! Reigning from the towering state of New York, Robert “Swagger” M. is a well known world class PUBG Fragger that proves, without a doubt, that age does not matter when it comes to raw skill in a First Person Shooter. With one of the top kill counts and gun mastery in the history of the game, Swagger signs on to become one of the main faces for Wildcard Gaming’s swiftly growing content creation team. “I’ve been in talks with Wildcard for some time and above all, I’ve watched them grow into the successful organization that they’ve become,” says the New York streamer. “I relate everything to streaming. It’s fun for sure, but it’s a business as well and joining Wildcard is not only a passionate decision, it’s a business decision as well.


Wildcard Gaming started to really focus on the development of the influencing team towards the end of December last year in conjunction with the ‘life-style’ rebrand and the growth has been “absolutely explosive,” according to William Lucas, Stream Team Manager and Partnerships Director at Wildcard. “We have a great line up of talent on our esports teams and we are thrilled to also be able to provide that same quality in our stream team. Robert is a great addition to Wildcard and we’re excited to have him on board for, what we expect to be, a massive year!” As a father of 2 and a dedicated full time FPS content creator, let’s take a look into the life of the one and only, Swagger.


When did you start streaming and why?


“I became a full time streamer in August of 2017. I’ve always been a huge gamer and my friends told me I should really be streaming my gameplay so it made sense for me. Honestly, looking back now, I should have started 10 years ago but it’s never too late so I started in August and since then I’ve never looked back and here we are today!”


What is your history in video games and why PUBG?


“I’ve always had an interest in First Person Shooters and it’s always been about ‘in your face’ games for me. I’ve never really liked genres that aren’t a 3rd or 1st person, especially shooting games and it’s been that way for 15 years. When PUBG came out, I fell in love with it right away and it was a great title for me to focus on while growing my stream.”


How did you become so good at PUBG?


“When I first started playing, I just came off Arma and Counter Strike: Global Offense so I was already pretty fresh from those as far as aim and general battle tactics. No matter what game I play, I always make sure my sensitivity is there. One thing I always do when I come into a new game is I get active and look for fights right away instead of just sitting back and waiting out of fear of losing. Taking more gun battles is always going to improve my skill more quickly and that’s ultimately the way I look at it and how I advanced so quickly in PUBG.”


What is your favorite gun in PUBG?

“I really like the M4 and to be honest, it’s the most versatile gun to use from a close quarters, mid range, and even long spray or close range spray. You can even 6x spray with that gun pretty easily.”


What is your favorite map in PUBG?


“Definitely Miramar and the reason I like this map so much is because Miramar by its very nature has a lot less buildings and grass. The loot is good and the landscape rewards skilled players and takes away a lot of the camping and RNG that you might see on the other maps.”


What are your short term and long term goals for 2019?


“As far as content creation, over the next few months I would like to dabble in other games. Expanding outside PUBG and launching a successful, YouTube is definitely the next important step for me. As for long term, I really want to stream as long as I possibly can. It’s a challenge in this industry as there is a lot of competition, but I think Twitch will be around for a long time. Ultimately, I’m a dad and I like to inspire other guys around my age and my own children. One day I would love to get them into streaming as well because it’s a fun and very viable career choice!”


“I’m excited for this opportunity with Wildcard Gaming and to see just how much the organization grows.” -Swagger


Come ‘chill’ with Swag weekdays starting at 10:00am and Thursdays at 4:00pm Eastern Time. Follow the man on Twitch, Twitter, and subscribe to him on YouTube for the latest insane videos. Come by and see the legendary game play for yourself. You won’t want to miss it!

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