By: Ben Merritt

Today I’m here with Lumi, the Guild Master of Wildcard Gaming’s Raid Team and world class Warlock main.  In front of thousands of viewers this last Tuesday, September 4th, Wildcard progressed through Heroic Uldir at a world-first pace, killing Heroic G’ Huun thirty six hours ahead of the competition around the globe.  Before the Mythic release of Uldir, I’ve asked Lumi his thoughts on the raid tier and what to expect from the team going forward.

Heading into Battle for Azeroth (BFA), what was the guild’s goal for Uldir?

“Heading into Uldir we wanted to maintain our US 2nd from last expansion and push inside the top 10 world rankings.  That said, US 1st is in our sights and we want to take a run at it.”

What did you guys do to prepare and achieve this goal?

“We recruited a few more top tier ranged dps heading into Uldir.  We also required four geared characters to allow for flexible raid compositions and are running multiple splits of Uldir this week to optimize gearing.  Lastly, we plan on raiding heavy hours the first week of Mythic to push world rankings. From 11 am central on Tuesday until we fall over from exhaustion, we’re going to rack up as many world 1st boss kills as possible and do the US region proud.”

What are your thoughts on Uldir so far?

“Honestly, it’s tuned a little harder than we expected based on previous beta-test runs. This turned out to be a nice surprise.”

What are your favorite boss fights?

“I really enjoyed the mechanics around Zul and I’m usually a fan of the final boss fights in each raid.  G’huun definitely had my heart pumping and I think it’s a very fun fight overall. I’m looking forward to seeing it on Mythic difficulty.”

How did it feel to achieve the world-first kill on Heroic G’huun?

“In short, it felt amazing. It’s heroic, so doesn’t mean nearly as much as it does on Mythic, but it was still a nice accomplishment and sets a good tone heading into our Mythic progression.”

Method announced a ‘World-First Race’, do you think you can challenge them?

If we can clear it quickly, the short answer is yes. However, the longer the tier drags on, the further we’ll fall behind.  After the first week of Mythic progression, our raid hours will start to become limited due to work and real life commitments.  We’re hoping the team can show up strong and put as much pressure on them as possible.”

This Tier’s World-First Race is certainly going to be one to watch! Make sure you catch all of the action on one of the streams listed below.


Raid Leader


Guild Master



Make sure to follow Boss Kill updates at On Tuesday, grab some popcorn, pop on the stream and enjoy the show!




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