By William “Musashi” Lucas


Wildcard Gaming PUBG delivered an explosive upset victory this Tuesday (March 27th) over Optic Gaming to secure first place overall in the Pubgonline Showdown Tournament Series Season 1, Split 1 claiming first place, and proving once again that they can compete against and defeat the best.


Over the last few months since the beginning of the Pubgonline Tournament Series split, we started off with an unparalleled, dominating performance in the PUBG scene holding top 5 in Global Loot League, Top 10 in Auzom League and First Place in Pubgonline. With our success in the first 3 weeks of the Pubgonline split, we quickly became known to all as an organization to fear and this is mainly to do with our unique play style and the all-out fragging potential of this exceptional PUBG squad.


In weeks 4 and 5, our placements began to slip, averaging 9th-11th place 2 weeks in a row. This slump allowed several teams including OpTic Gaming to match our record, and on Monday (March 26th), Optic managed to overcome many obstacles, win multiple games, and pass our Team series points by a tremendous 299 point lead.


We did not play Monday and Optic did, so it was our turn on Tuesday (The last day of the tournament split) to take back the throne. With the addition of Sharpshot (famed world-class sniper from The God Squad) subbing in as our 4th on Tuesday, we took high placements in all 4 games of the final tournament day.


As game 1 began, we migrated to our usual looting spot in Primorsk City, coming out of first circle with above average loot. Things were looking up for our squad of fraggers until 2 players met their end at vehicle explosion and our Shotcaller, Toumai, was taken out from a distance by another team. Kickstart, as the only surviving Wildcard member, managed to take 6th place out of what could have been a possible tournament-ending 14th place finish in game 1.


Game 2, with a fresh start, our boys exploded into action dominating their way to 1st place, taking each challenge (Team or Circle) head on and finishing out game 2 with 12 kills!


In Game 3, our boys made a few mistakes early on in the first few circles that ultimately reduced them down to only 1 player left in the 4th circle, Pride. Though Pride secured another 6th place finish for the night, Wildcard was still 75 points out of 1st place. This meant they needed a 4th place or better with over 5 kills to take back 1st.


In Game 4, we executed flawless rotations, took compounds we needed, and secured over 5 kills by the 4th circle with a game winning position. Though tempted by multiple teams to challenge them, we took smart fights, stayed safe, won 3 major gun fights, and boasted a 2nd place finish with 10 kills in the final game of the evening taking back 1st place from Optic Gaming and finishing the season with the $3000 prize and Trophy!


“Having one of the best snipers in the world fill in for us was a huge plus, but the prime reason we took home the championship was our ability to stay focused, not crumble under pressure, and stay overall the most consistent team in North America. It feels good to win, but it feels even better knowing that our boys can go toe to toe with the best every day, any day of the week. I’m excited for what the future holds for this team and I’m eager to see more of what this lethal roster can do.” – Musashi, Social Media/Team Manager


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