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Wildcard Gaming continues their dominant performance in North American PUBG by qualifying for Global Loot League’s Season 2 Grand Finals in Stockholm! Toumai, Pride, Kickstart, and Sharpshot will be heading off to Sweden for their 2nd Lan appearance as the main four-man roster. Following their 10th place finish at Dreamhack Austin, Wildcard PUBG has worked relentlessly on improvement and correcting small mistakes in Practice. “We’ve been scrimming more and more every week” says Kickstart. “Just last week we were practicing about 4-5 hours a day as a team, but these next 2 weeks, we are practicing and scrimming a minimum of 8-10 hours every day before we head off to Stockholm on the 8th.”


In the first season of GLL, Wildcard fell short of qualifying for the grand finals lan on the last day of the season. “It feels great to qualify convincingly this time for the finals in 2nd place overall for the season” Kickstart continues. “We had a huge slump for a while and to be honest, I still feel like we aren’t playing to our full potential, which is why we are practicing and scrimming as much as we are right now, to fix all those little mistakes and be fully prepared before the GLL Grand Finals.“


Over time the squad has improved tremendously on overall voice communication, attitudes, and individual gunplay. According to Wildcard Gaming’s youngest star (Kickstart), the squad plays exceptionally well as a unit in team fights and during high impact plays. “Sharp and Toumai are both nutty shots and excellent Snipers, some of the best in the scene. Pride is still our entry fragger and I’m technically still our survivalist, but we can all play any role which is what helps us function so well as a unit. The mistakes that cost us are typically individual ones, but where we really shine is our teamplay” says Kickstart.


Ben Merritt, co-owner of Wildcard Gaming has functioned as the manager and coach for the former Gambino squad since their signing at the beginning of February. Ben spends many hours with the team in practice and at tournaments working on communication and overall morale. “Ben helps us a little on individual stuff, but where he really continues to help us improve is comms and attitudes” Kickstart continues. The PUBG squad has been drastically gaining momentum, placing higher and more consistently at each Lan Tournament.


“I really want to show everyone how good we truly are, and Stockholm is our chance.” -Kickstart


The Global Loot League Season 2 Grand Finals in Stockholm will be live starting August 9th and will consist of the top Qualifying teams in North America and Europe. With $100,000 on the line, Wildcard Gaming is fired up and ready to take on the competition. For information on social media coverage and standings, Click Here. The games will be broadcast live on the official GLL Twitch. You can also follow the team and players directly:

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