Wildcard has been a staple name inside the PUBG community for a long time. With our team playing its way into Contenders we have unfortunately been forced into some very difficult decisions. As such, we have decided to drop Pride, Cad3n and Toumai from our roster. We hope this will allow them to explore free agency and give them the best opportunity at finding a home for NPL Phase 3.

Wildcard signed Pride and Toumai back in December of 2017 and they quickly put Wildcard on the PUBG map with multiple top placements in all the tournaments and leagues. They certainly played an influential role in helping the organization create its brand identity inside the PUBG community and we would like to take the time to thank them for their effort. All of their hard work and dedication to the Game and to Wildcard did not go unnoticed. They’ve entered the organization as Pro Players, and they exit now as good friends.

Wildcard will be looking at new opportunities inside the realm of PUBG as we move to rebound from a tough Phase 2. We are excited to take on the challenge of getting our brand back to the top and we hope you’ll stick around to watch it all happen. As always, we thank you for your continued support. See you for Phase 3!


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