Wildcard is excited to re-enter the Apex Legends North American ALGS esport circuit after a very long hiatus from the game.  This was made possible in partnership with Realm and we are excited to help the company build inside competitive Apex Legends.

We welcome one of the top teams inside North America formerly FFA (ForeverFreeAgent).

Ryan “ImMadness” Schlieve
Chase “Shooby” Vasquez
Ryan “Reptar” Boyd

Wildcard has had continued success in the Battle Royale genre with our deep history in PUBG and former Fortnite players.  With the signing of FFA we hope to continue our success in the genre and help the team qualify for ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in London England.

Ben Merritt COO of Wildcard Gaming states, “ Thanks to our partnership with Realm, it enables Wildcard to make a long term investment into the Apex ecosystem. I personally would like to thank both Eric Faust and Laura Wilson for being amazing people in getting this partnership across the finish line so quickly. I am excited to work with ImMadness, Shooby and Reptar to make Wildcard a premier brand and esport program inside the ecosystem.”

Realm, an innovative esports platform presenting cheat-free leagues across top-tier gaming titles such as Apex Legends. By integrating an advanced esports launcher with cutting-edge anti-cheat technology, expert moderation, and a refined matchmaking system, Realm provides a level playing field for competitive gaming enthusiasts globally. Simultaneously, it offers fans unprecedented engagement opportunities with their preferred esports professionals and streamers. Committed to developing a highly competitive community, Realm actively contributes to the esports ecosystem’s expansion through strategic collaborations with game developers, sponsors, and premier esports organizations.

Shooby had this to say about Realm, “  The experience is nice, you get to meet new people and it’s always a good time, love the way the system works. Definitely the best thing out for apex right now, servers are rarely bad and games play out pretty nice. It’s good for up and coming comp apex players who don’t get that chance.

Wildcard is a professional esport organization established in 2017.  They have teams in LoL, Dota 2, R6, PUBG, Apex Legends  and another coming soon. Wildcard will continue to rapidly expand through 2023.



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