Wildcard Returns to PUBG

Wildcard has a long history inside PUBG.  We were the first organization in North America to pick up a four man roster in 2017.  In 2018 we proudly represented the region at many international events with top showings and in 2019 to kick off the new “NPL” we started with a strong 2nd place in the pre-season.

While we have been away from PUBG for nearly a year,  we are excited to re-enter with the signing of the Ascendance Esports roster and we are proud to welcome Tsok, EnragedZealot, Zrayven and Maji along with head coach Inn8 to the organization.

  “Wildcard has always excelled at finding talent and through our internal systems and culture helped players develop into great players.  We are excited to bring in the Ascendance roster as they are a new team with younger players and we feel they have the ability to grow into one of the region’s top teams.  Ownership and Investors of Wildcard have always been massive fans of PUBG and we are excited to be back in the game that the organization grew with for over three years.”

                                                                                                                    Ben Merritt, COO

  “We are super excited about joining Wildcard and look forward to #stackthedeck while stacking PGC points.  We will be working hard to make it to this years global event and prove that we are one of the best teams in North America.”


    “ A lot of people don’t think we deserve to be where we are and we are going to work very hard to prove them wrong.”


As an organization we are excited to be back representing such a great esport and hope to earn many chicken dinners through the year.

The team starts play on June 10th, lets get those #stackthedeck’s in the chat.


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