Wildcard is jumping back into PUBG with the addition of team Gambino as the newest members to the Wildcard family. Winners of the December 2017 Curse Trials and the 2017 North America PUBG Online Year End Tournament, Gambino made a strong entrance to the PUBG scene. Veteran players all, Gambino has become known for clockwork rotations and flawless teamwork, and their tournament play has made it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Meet the Team:

Toumaiii – Shot-caller

Gambino -now Wildcard-  is led by Max “Toumaiii” Marine while on the field. Getting his start in Counter-Strike, Toumaiii has been running and gunning since 2004, and was making the top 10 in TPP Squads back in PUBG’s early days when it still had MMR.

A talented captain and a uniquely skilled fragger, Toumaiii’s setting his sights on attending as many major events as possible and climbing the competitive ladder to the top. You can keep tabs on Toumaiii through his Twitter at @Toumaiii

Pride – Rifler/Fragger

An original member of Gambino, Alfred “Pride” Choi came to PUBG from DOTA 2, and the teamwork, communication, and reflexes he carried with him have made him one of Gambino’s pillars. Already a dependable fragger with a proven track record, Pride is dedicated to improving both himself and the team even further for the coming season.

Pride has been playing with Toumaiii since day one, before Gambino was formed, and is looking forward to this year’s competitions. Pride can be found on Twitter at @PridePUBG, and also on his Twitch stream.

Ashek – Flanker

A family-man and renaissance gamer, Cody “Ashek” Castellaw officially joined Gambino in December 2017 and made his debut with the team in the Curse Trials. Previously on OpTic, Ashek came to PUBG from Quake3 and Overwatch, and led multiple top-tier MMO guilds to loot and glory.

A skilled player capable of clutching under pressure, Ashek quickly solidified his place on the team. In addition to his PUBG skills, Ashek is also a rising Twitch personality, who you can follow on his Twitch stream and Twitter (@Ashekspubg).

Kickstart – Fragger

The newest member of the team, Matt “Kickstart” Smith comes to Wildcard from ignite, and is making his debut in pro gaming with PUBG. Kickstart first played on Why Tempt Fate -before the team came under the OpTic umbrella- where he and Ashek played together for several months.

With an impressive list of achievements to his name and a strong try-out match, Kickstarter made the fast track as Wildcard’s new fourth. Check him out for yourself on his YouTube channel, and follow him at @KSnKickstart.

With the roster finalized and practices underway, the team is optimistic about the coming tournament year. “The winning mentality and ability is there,” Ashek said, “we just have to mold to each other and improve individually and as a team together.” The only items left on the agenda are practicing together and hammering out the new-team kinks, a process that the they’ve already gotten started.

“We play a lot of scrims. Every day. We play against all the top teams.” Pride said.

“It’s kind of a closed community of the professional teams that play together in the big tournaments,” Ashek continued, “so we all help to improve each other while playing against each other.”

The team’s outstanding performance in their opening tournaments and dedication to improvement during practice matches has Wildcard excited and proud to welcome Gambino into the family, and eager to see their up-coming matches.

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