Wildcard Takes Home 2nd Place at NPL Preseason

A new team member, a new year, a new wildcard. The stage was set, but what does 2019 have in store?  As the first event of the year, we of course set our expectations high, as we do for any event, but it still felt like we had something to prove.  In 2018 we had the success of five 1st place wins and had built quite a following off of our presence in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.In the back of all our minds was our GLL Season 3 America’s Regular Season where we captured first place, but then at Grand Finals we found ourselves finishing in 15th.  It was a tough way to end the year. In the back of our minds we felt that maybe everyone had lost sight of all our great accomplishments in 2018 and now set the focus on what we have done, vs the last thing we did.

Coming into the NPL 2019 preseason with a new team member was an interesting feat but also gave us the feeling of a fresh start.  As our first lobby finished we saw ourselves in 11th place overall with our best placement at 4th within round 2. Also noting we had no jaw dropping kill counts, but we were able to make plays, the cards were simply in our favor.  Regrouping that night, we came together and did our homework knowing that we could only do better. As our second lobby arrived on Day 3, round 1 and 2 were again sub par, but we rounded out the last 2 rounds with back to back 4th place finishings, steadily finding the placement points and creeping ourselves back up the ladder. Our 3rd lobby, round one, is where it all started to come together.  Round 1… Chicken Diner, Round 2… second place! We solidified our presence within the top 16 of the 32 team field. Finals here we come, was the only thought we had on our mind.

In finals it all synced.  Without going into all of the details, we will let our 200 stacks summarize the evening.  That’s right, the finals contained a chicken dinner, and too many amazing plays and off the cuff strategies to put into a post, TL:DR.  We will leave you with this. Thank you for all of your support, our amazing teams, the coaches, players, and everyone behind the scenes who make this all possible. Looking forward to a great year, see ya’ll in February for the first ever season of PUBG Pro League! #WCWIN

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Wildcard Gaming is a top tier, leading esports brand with professional rosters in a variety of titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Brawlhala, and Battlerite. Wildcard Gaming was formed with the idea to stabilize the uncertainty involved with the esports industry. Welcome to the elite, Wildcard is here to dominate esports at the Global Level. Join us, be a part of our family.  #stackthedeck



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