We are pleased to welcome Katie “UziPrincess89” Harrier to the Wildcard Gaming Content Creation Team! Katie is a renowned Playerunknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) streamer that has been streaming FPS content since early 2018. The genre, growth, and professionalism that Katie displays on a daily basis made her a fantastic addition to the already explosive Wildcard Gaming Stream Team.


“Several PUBG Streamers that I respect and look up to had already been apart of Wildcard Gaming, so I already had trust in the name,” says Harrier. “I had accomplished Twitch Partnership and PUBG Partnership on my own in 2018, so I felt signing with a reputable organization that I already had respect for would be the right direction for me and my channel. I have been impressed with Wildcard’s professionalism on social media, the growth and achievements they’ve exhibited with Pro PUBG, and I really wanted to capitalize on this opportunity.”


Uziprincess89 is not only a high end content creator, she is also a Military Veteran! According to Katie, she dropped out of college in early 2012 and was confused regarding what she wanted to do with her life. After some thought and hard choices, she decided to enlist in the Air Force and became a member of the Military Police.”My job in the Military Police is exactly how it sounds! I patrolled the base, provided security for different types of aircrafts, and worked in the armory to keep inventory of weapons. Despite the grueling work and discipline, I actually loved it and it taught me many life lessons that I carry with me today as a growing streamer!” Harrier commented.


Katie went on to excel and win many awards while enlisted and ranked up very quickly.


How is being a veteran?


Now that I am a veteran, I struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief… but the military community on Twitch has really helped me back up. My own community makes me laugh and supports me very often, they’ve helped me heal. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy where I am now.”


What made you want to become a streamer?


“I have been watching Jenna Marbles for years, and I have always admired her Twitch channel that she has with her boyfriend, in addition to her YouTube channel. After I got out of the military, my father passed away suddenly. I spent all of 2017 recovering from that and trying to adjust back to civilian life at the same time. I vowed to make 2018 a better year and pressed the going live button for the first time on January 2nd, 2018. By October 2018, I was partnered on Twitch and headed to TwitchCon for the first time. I feel that I have found my niche with PUBG and I have fully committed to Twitch after taking notes from Jenna Marbles and other big PUBG streamers.”


What are you most excited about this year?


“In 2019 I am most excited to continue streaming full time and grow my channel and brand. I feel that my first year of streaming, I was figuring a lot of things out and forming professional relationships. I look forward to expanding on those relationships this year. I also look forward to seeing Wildcard compete and do well in NPL!”

Come hang out with Uzi and the gang weekly on Twitch. Be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to her on YouTube for the latest UziPrincess Montages and highlight plays by one of the fiercest creators in the scene!

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