Can we get that Mage Rogue Druid nerf yet? Over the weekend our World of Warcraft Arena team continued their long journey down the road to Blizzcon and it sure is a bumpy ride. We played in the AWC Summer Cup #3 and it gave similar results to Summer Cup #2-  We just can’t counter the dreaded Mage Rogue Druid comp. While we took 5th place and are still tied for 3rd place in points it’s clear we either need to find a solution to our problems or wait and hope that the next patch nerfs our kryptonite.

We started off as we have been for the past few weeks, our seeding giving us a first round BYE. However it lead us straight into a corner against Change My Mind and- You guessed it- The bane of our WoW Arena existence: The Mage Rogue Druid. Our team was wiped from the Winner’s side, heading into Loser’s for our third game to face Plot Twist in an easy 3-0 wipe. From there we moved on to take down DHDK in yet another easy 3-0 and then we waited patiently to try for top 3.

Our last game of the weekend was a wild one! In Loser’s we met up with Zizon who gave us a good run for our money. After three tough games we decided to switch our composition up a bit and pull out the BoomKin. While we hoped this would give us an advantage it instead drew the game out far longer than anyone anticipated- Making it all the way to 82% dampening and even pulling the game into a 2v2!

As the dampening closed in it became clear our Shaman Monk Druid was outclassed by their Druid Warrior Shaman and as Zizon continued to use the map’s pillars to their advantage our buffs came and went the team knew the match wouldn’t end in our favor. At peak dampening Wildcard left the game- A nod to Zizon’s late game composition.


Now we move forward yet again in hopes that we can keep our top 3 position and bounce back for AWC Summer Cup #4. With any luck we’ll get a patch by then, but in the case that we meet our kryptonite once more we hope we’ll be more ready than we were this past weekend. You can watch the Summer Cup #4 by visiting here and if you haven’t already checked out our influencers and grabbed your own #stackthedeck emote for Twitch you can that here


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