If you’ve been following Wildcard on our #roadtoblizzcon you know that only one thing has stood in our way: The Mage Rogue Druid. Week after week, while we try our best, we just can’t seem to find a counter for the combo and it continues to prove as our achilles heel. Over the weekend our World of Warcraft Arena team competed in the AWC Summer Cup #4 and much like weeks 2 and 3 we faced similar games with similar results.

Round one, per usual, started with a BYE which then lead us into round two where we met a familiar team who beat us last week: Zizon. This week, however, the cards seemed to be in our favor as we swept them with ease- 3-1. While our first game of the weekend left us feeling great our second game would prove to be a challenge. In game two we met with our kryptonite, Change My Mind. Once again Change My Mind tossed us into the Loser’s Bracket by way of- You guessed it! The dreaded Mage Rogue Druid. Unlike last week we had a bit of push back, but unfortunately it still wasn’t enough.

In games one and two we ran Mage Warrior Monk and when their combo continued to defeat us we attempted to change it up- Subbing out our Mage for a DK. While we felt this would give us a better outcome we still fell to their seemingly unbeatable combo. Seriously, Blizzard! Can we get a nerf?

In the Loser’s Bracket we faced off against team Pinguins and had an easy sweep, taking the win at 3-0. We moved on to face off against Diabolus in the Loser’s Semi-Finals and let me tell you! It was certainly a wild ride… While ultimately Diabolus took the win we put up a fight, running the round into five exciting games.

In the Loser’s Semi-Finals we took the same combo we used against Change My Mind, the DK Warrior Monk, which gave us better results- One round ending in a quick 2 minutes! We won 2 rounds with this composition and when it seemed like Diabolus was catching onto us in the 4th game we subbed our Warrior out for a Wind Walker. This change seemed to give Wildcard a fighting chance however without our Warrior we just couldn’t compete with the DPS as we moved into dampening and eventually fell. We ended the weekend in 5th place, just 20 points shy of taking 3rd place. 

We definitely need to step it up next weekend!

We’ll be coming in hot for the next games and we hope to have you cheering us on! You can watch the Summer Cup #5 by visiting here https://wildcard.gg/wowarena/ and if you haven’t already checked out our influencers and grabbed your own #stackthedeck emote for Twitch you can that here https://wildcard.gg/influencers/.



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