The World of Warcraft Arena Cup Summer Split starts this coming weekend and the race to play at BlizzCon to compete for that $10,000 prize pool tightens it’s grip! With an impressive lineup of teams Wildcard certainly has it’s work laid of for them as they move forward in the competition. Our team is as hungry as ever- Taking home the last 3 wins of the Spring Finals and looking for a 4th to start the Summer Split!


The 6 week season is always an intense one that pushes the best of the best Arena players to their limits in strategy and skill. During this time we see who really wants that coveted BlizzCon spot and it’s safe to say that Wildcard is coming for it harder than ever!


While our team has been doing well they met an interesting set back as pro player Looney experienced an intense injury. While having fun on his down time Looney suffered a broken arm after a freak arm wrestling accident. As one could assume this caused him to be out of commission for some time- However he’s recovered well and moving into the next set of games feeling healed and ready to play!


As the next games roll up on us we’re excited to see how our team does! Show them your support and tune in to watch at If you haven’t checked out our influencers and snagged your own #stackthedeck emote you can do so before the games begin by visiting


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Wildcard Gaming is a top tier, leading esports brand with professional rosters in a variety of titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, World of Warcraft, Brawlhalla, and Apex Legends. Wildcard was formed with the idea to stabilize the uncertainty involved with the esports industry. Welcome to the elite, Wildcard is here to dominate esports at the Global Level. Join us, be a part of our family. #stackthedeck



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