Wildcard | WoW Arena: 2019 Year in Review

Wildcard had a strong finish for 2019 in World Of Warcraft Arena. Our team fought their way through the season and even against the clear opposition they landed a spot in Blizzcon. Even more amazing, they placed second! With the rough year that they faced we could not be more proud of their amazingly well played comeback. With how happy we were of this team you can imagine how stoked we are to have them back with use for 2020? Well, let me be clear- We are beyond thrilled to have this all-star roster playing for Wildcard again!

To celebrate we sat down with the team and asked them a few questions about the end of their year, and their thoughts with moving into the new year. Check it out!

First off, we’re super stoked to have you for another year! What are you guys looking forward to most this year?
MARO: Obviously we are super excited to play together for another year! Last year was super fun and we all enjoyed playing together a lot. Also looking forward to competing again and playing tournaments and hopefully doing as well or even better than we did last year.
LOONY: Looking forward to the new expansion mostly, but I’m excited for the new awc to start.
ZEEP: Shadowlands and playing together with my boys!
BLIZO: looking forward to another final and cocoon not coming…

You guys played so well at Blizzcon! Can you share your thoughts or feelings on coming so close?
BLIZO: I felt very sad because this is the 2nd time we lost the final in the last game and in both finals we were leading.
ZEEP: Sad, our team performed with a low tier dog comp and faced the 1 comp that has no counters and lost on the finishing line.
MARO: Obviously a bit disappointed at first since we came so close to win but i believe we did better than we thought we would and i think we all played our best.
LOONY: Obviously a big let down, but was a good pump considering how tough the meta was for us!

With that strong finish at Blizzcon we can’t wait to see what comes for 2020. Are there any plans to change the team’s comp? Any tweaks you can tell us about?
ZEEP: We have decided to bring blizo on his mw so the cocoon will come!
MARO: Think most of it comes down to meta and what comps are the best, i believe we played the best comps we had available last year. I don’t think we would’ve done much better playing rogue mage ourselves to be honest… Just have to hope for a little bit more balanced meta. Think we could cover most meta comps this year already except rogue mage.
BLIZO: We are gonna focus a bit more on our alts but it looks like meta should be better for us this year because of ww (Windwalker Monk) and mw (Mistweaver Monk) buffs!

I’m sure you hate hearing about this by now, but we’ve got to ask: How are you guys feeling about RMD moving  into 2020? After last year’s end you seemed pretty strong, have you been working on that match up?
ZEEP: Just try a lot of different comps and just spam play.
MARO: Hm, there’s not much to do about it. Think the only two things you can do is to wait for pvp balancing changes or start playing the comp itself. Playing the comp itself is kind of a bad option as people obviously have much more experience playing the comp when it’s their main classes compared to alt classes
BLIZO: I feel like you cant win it, its them who can lose!
LOONY: just practise and hope for the choke…

What are your thoughts on the current meta? Has it changed at all over the break?
BLIZO: The patch just came out so we can’t really tell.
LOONY: It’s going to be very similar, I think.
BLIZO: we will see in upcoming weeks…
MARO: Yeah, there was very little balancing changes overall last year and none since Blizzcon until today. so we will see how that’s gonna change the meta.
ZEEP: Hard to say…

Who do you think is your biggest competition this year?
MARO: In Europe it’s gonna be Method Black just like last year and globally also Cloud 9. Other than that it’s hard to predict at this point since most team’s don’t have a set roster yet. Also that kinda depends on how the meta is going to play out and which classes are gonna be the strongest
BLIZO: I agree with maro.
ZEEP: Method black Cloud 9 and lontars new team.
LOONY: Yeah, from eu pmuch method black, maybe we will have some new teams coming up as well. From NA… I’m not sure.

The last time we spoke I asked you what was the strangest thing that’s ever happened during a competition? Any new stories you can share?
BLIZO: Our friend Brian and loony arguing about the price of chicken and beef [mid game].
MARO: Nothing strange really happened since the spring finals where loony broke his arm, but the whole blizzcon situation was a bit weird… Having to play a lot of games offline without stream, and playing them in the practice area instead of on stage…
ZEEP: Nothing to be honest. Nothing more than klbas (loonys) arm.
LOONY: This last Blizzcon, actually- And the previous Summer final 2018 where zeeby (ZeepEye) didn’t come last place at lan…

What are some short term goals for this year, game related or not? How about long term?
LOONY: Winning as much as possible!
MARO: The biggest goal for this year is to try and win blizzcon after coming so close last year, but most importantly qualifying for every LAN and playing well as a team. Just want to have the feeling that we put in as much time as possible and doing as well as we can without having to regret anything.
ZEEP: Win Blizzcon and get the cocoon of if we get to the final!
BLIZO: Short term winning next lan, long term winning everything.

I asked this last we spoke as well! Lets see if your answers changed at all. You’re all on a boat and it’s sinking. Who takes the lead, who’s the pessimist, who’s the optimist, and who drowns?
MARO: I’m the leader, Loony is the pessimist, Blizo is the optimist and Zeepy is drowning
LOONY: Zeeby drowns cause hes too stupid to swim, baba takes the lead cause hes the king, maro is the pessimist and im the optimist.
ZEEP: Klba drowns cause hes the most 0 iq in our team, i take the lead cuz im the king, maro optimist blizo pessimist…
BLIZO: i feel like both zipi and loony drowns, franke(maro) leads and im optimist.

I, personally, can’t wait to watch you guys play this year! Anything else you’d like to add in before we wrap up?
MARO: Nothing particular. Really happy to work with you guys another year and looking forward to competing again!
ZEEP: looking forward to pump in tournaments rock the hoodies and shirts
and meet you guys maybe at some lan!

Keep up to date with this year’s WoW Arena tournaments by following our Twitter. We’ll keep you in the loop as the schedule rolls out, and when it’s time to cheer the team on we’ll be sure to remind you. Until then, thanks for your support- Keep repping that #stackthedeck pride!


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