Blizzcon is fast approaching and with it being only a mere two weeks away we wanted to continue the trend of featuring all of our professional World of Warcraft Arena players. Last week we sat down with Maro, our Arena team captain, and picked his brain a bit. This week we got to chill with Blizo (The #1 ranked Warrior, by the way) and get his take on some of the questions we asked Maro as well as some of your questions. Take a peek below.

I’d like to start this off with a bit of information for anyone that’s a new fan to Wildcard. What’s your role on the team and how long have you been playing that role?
My role in the team is to play melee classes, my main class is a warrior which I have been playing since I started WoW. I have also been playing Monk for around 3 years. I play Demon Hunter, too.

Have you played at Blizzcon before?
Yes, I got 5th place last year and 3rd place in 2017!

Will we see anything different in your own playstyle at this Blizzcon with WC?
Probably not. There were no major changes in pvp so everything is the same at Blizzcon this year.

What’s your biggest concern going into Blizzcon?
I would say RMD, just like the last LAN. There is no comp which consistently wins against RMD.

How is it traveling to the US and coming to these LAN events?
I hate it to be honest, it’s very exhausting. Especially for me since I live in Slovakia and II have to take multiple flights. However, I love it at the same time since i get to hang out with people I play with!

Other than Blizzcon do you have anything fun planned while you’re California?
Not really, but I’ll be heading home right after the LAN and get to enjoy some free time.

Let’s talk about game knowledge and experience! What are critical aspects of arena fights that common players may not know?
I would say tracking drs on yourself/partners. Especially for me as melee player(warrior) it’s very important. If I know that I’m off dr on stun I try to play more safe and not drop too low before I go into def stance. For example sometimes mages try to tank the interrupt by casting sheep even though I’m on dr, so I don’t interrupt it. Same goes for cc on my healer, I don’t stop it if i know he is still on DR. Also communication is a very big thing at high lvl pvp. You have to constantly talk with your healer to avoid overlapping defensive cds.

What is the biggest mistake you personally thought you made during summer finals? What could you have done differently?
I did have some pretty bad mistakes vs Cloud 9, which costs us 2 games. But even if I didn’t make these mistakes I feel like we would have lost anyway. The funny thing is that even though they are don’t main RMD they used much better strategy vs us than other RMDs.

What was that strategy? In hindsight was there anything you could have done to counter that, or anything you can do to counter it in the future?

We already knew before the games started how they were going to play, so we tried our best to counter it. Basically their strategy was to sit on me so I can’t play the game. I played with double charge instead of stormbolt to try and counter their plan but in the end it didn’t really help me at all.

In your opinion, what’s the most difficult part of playing Warrior?
I would say holding my nerves. I get tilted very easily when I cant connect to people.

Any tips or tricks you can give to aspiring Warrior players?
Change your class while you can…?

What!? Why? (← Doesn’t play WoW)
Honestly, it’s not really that good. I prefer to play my monk more. But on a serious note I would say hold your cds until you have to use them. All defensive cds for warrior are on long cd so you can’t waste them. Also, don’t waste your mobility! I see so many warriors wasting charge/leap and then they cant connect to targets.

What strengths do you feel you bring to the table as a warrior VS RMD?
Well, I’m tanky so I can’t really die before dampening. As Warrior I also do really high consistent damage. I can prevent cc on myself much better compared to, lets say, a Monk. They can’t really just ignore me and hit my teammates because of that.

Have you picked up any new games or hobbies recently?
Yes, just like every year I started playing FIFA again since it came out like 3 weeks ago. I also played some Classic, but after I got lvl 60 I got bored of it.

Speaking of Classic: Any opinions?
Well, I feel like there is not much to do after you hit lvl 60. Raiding is very boring for me and there are no arenas. I think they’ll add battlegrounds in phase 3 so maybe l’ll start playing again.

What was your friend’s and family’s reaction to the team making Blizzcon?
They were happy we did it! They knew it was much harder for us compared to last year.

Twitch chat was going nuts during your game against Diabouls at Summer Finals. It definitely seems like you have a solid fan base. Anything to say to your fans and supporters?
Heh. Thank you everyone for supporting us! We will try our best to win the Blizzcon!

Let’s end with a game we made up just to ask each of you. You can Sheep One, Pyroblast One, and Nova One. Zeepyee, Blizo, and Looney. Who gets what?
Sheep Loony cause he loves to tank them, Pyroblast Maro cause he would prob block too late and die, and Nova Zeepeye cause he is useless anyway.



We took a handful of questions from our community! Here are the ones that made the cut…

Cody P. from Facebook
Why play Warrior in Arena? What are the pros and cons?
Pros- You do high damage and it’s easy to play, but hard to master.Cons- You can’t really “carry” your teammates like other classes. You have 0 self healing which in pvp is really bad.

Tyler H. from Facebook
Do you put yourself on any kind of *personal* training schedule aside from team training?
Not really, the only time I play arena is when I play with my teammates. If I picked a new class I would probably play it much more to get more practice.

Jacob O. from Facebook
What lead you to where you are now? What did you have to do to train and climb to get here?
I played a lot, I watched other people play and see what they do differently but mainly I just played a lot.

dyllan864 from Discord
How did you pick your class and what makes it appealing to you?
I never really liked casters and I wanted to play Tauren when I started so the only possibility as melee was Warrior. I started playing warrior and I really enjoyed it, so I kept playing and practicing.

Outer Inferno from Discord
What obstacles did you have to face throughout your journey to becoming pro?
I had to play with a lot of bad people to finally play with people on my level.

Matt from Discord
As a player who never dabbled in PVP it always seems like the kite ability and iceblocks make the mage an unlikely target, but your whole set up always targets the mage, why?
Because if mage is free he basically wins the game for the enemy team and it’s much easier for them to set up the goes. We tried many times to just ignore mage but it never worked.


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