It’s finally here, The World of Warcraft Arena Summer Finals are upon us! This is the big LAN we’ve been practicing and working so hard for- The make it or break it on the road to Blizzcon. You last saw us play in July at the EU Cup #6 where we landed 4th place with 360 points, effectively bringing us here to the Summer Champs. We had a rough and rocky journey making it to this point- Meeting your Kryptonite is never easy right? But we’ve had a long break and tons of time to collect our barings and we’re confident that our team will be giving this weekend their all.

Whatever the outcome we can promise intense games in the least! We’ll be facing off against some amazing EU and NA teams and you can bet it’ll be crazy. Watch it all unfold this Saturday, September 21st at 12:00 PM EDT live at Give the guys some love and support and flash your #stackthedeck pride! We’ll be in chat watching, will you? 



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